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Fruit jam
Baking Jam(Strawberry)
Baking Jam(Rose)
Baking Jam(Blueberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Jam(Orange)
Premium Cake Fruit Jam(Raspberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Jam(Cranberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Jam(Blueberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Jam(Strawberry)
Cake Fruit Jam(Raspberry)
Cake Fruit Jam(Cranberry)
Cake Fruit Jam(Strawberry)
Cake Fruit Jam(Blueberry)
Cake Fruit Jam(Orange)
Table Jam
Beverage Jam
Baking Jam(Strawberry)
3kg x 4 pail/carton

◇ Made of imported strawberries, smooth pulp, sweet and palatable, unique taste

◇ Easy to operate, wide range of applications, resistant to high temperatures and freezing

Bread, Danish pastries, pies, Cookies/cakes, small desserts, fillings and surface decoration.
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