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Fruit jam
Beverage Jam
Baking Fruit Filling(Strawberry)
Baking Fruit Filling(Rose)
Baking Fruit Filling(Blueberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Filling(Orange)
Premium Cake Fruit Filling(Raspberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Filling(Cranberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Filling(Blueberry)
Premium Cake Fruit Filling(Strawberry)
Cake Fruit Filling(Raspberry)
Cake Fruit Filling(Cranberry)
Cake Fruit Filling(Strawberry)
Cake Fruit Filling(Blueberry)
Cake Fruit Filling(Orange)
Table Jam
Beverage Jam
White peach Jam: the pulp is sweet and pleasant, sweet but not greasy, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling, bringing charming "girl" temperament, 
awakening your taste buds in spring.
Oatmeal yellow peach Jam: the first compound jam of fruit + grain. The yellow peach is nutritious and tastes sweet. With soft and waxy oats, it has a strong sense of energy. It is not only a favorite of "autumn and winter", but also one of the raw materials to provide energy supply throughout the year.
Pineapple jam: Classic tropical flavor, high-quality pulp, golden color, sweet and sour taste, fragrant, is one of the popular fruit flavors.
Orange Jam: Use high-quality orange fruit, fresh, sweetand tasty. It’s one of the most popular flavors in summer.
Rose Petal Jam: The unique rose flavor, the beautiful petals, combined with the smart skill of bakers, bring both visual delights and taste bud pleasure. 
Strawberry Jam:Rich strawberry fruit restore the most authentic flavors of strawberry, tongue colliding with flesh, to open a new strawberry honey love.
Wide usage in all kinds of stylish and tasty cold and hot drinks, such
as fruit tea, milkshakes, smoothies, shaved ice,desserts, flower and
fruit tea, etc.

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