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Shanghai Hi-Road Food Technology Co. Ltd
Founded in 2003, Shanghai Hi-Road Food Technology Co., Ltd. (Hi-Road, stock code 300915) specializes in the R&D, production and sales of bakery and culinary ingredients, and also serves as a drafter of non-dairy cream industry standards in China. With independent R&D capabilities, we select best raw materials from all over the world, employ cutting-edge production technology, and perform strict quality management. Through high-quality baking and catering channels, we deliver a variety of premium food raw materials and ingredients including cream, jam, chocolate, custard sauce, egg tart filling, soft serve mix, edible oil products, frozen pastries, flavors and additives (Hi-Morse). Our vision is “to be a producer of safe, trendy and delicious food, as well as an exceptional partner in the global food industry,” consistently contributing to the sector.
Introducing “Created in China” to the World
After decades of constant efforts, Hi-Road now manages Shanghai E-Partner Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hi-Morse Food Additives Co., Ltd, and an Indian branch – Shineroad Foods (India) Private Limited. Meanwhile, we're expanding our product lines and strengthening our presence both at home and abroad. From our two production bases in Shanghai, China and India, we sell products throughout Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. “All rivers run into sea, all roads lead to success,” Hi-Road aims to introduce “Created in China” to the world!
Master-grade Cream, Your Family’s Choice
What makes a master? Extensive knowhow, wholehearted service, devotion to industrial development, and a life-long commitment. With a strong sense of responsibility and mission, Hi-Road has invited industry masters to form a “cream master team,” and push the boundaries of craftsmanship. Honoring the corporate vision of “to be a producer of safe, trendy and delicious food,” we hope to create value for customers and end users, and bring healthier, more secure, and more diverse options to the market.
5G Fei Qinghua Leads the Industry into the Non-hydrogenation Era
To deliver safe cream cakes to customers, Hi-Road has gathered high-quality bakery resources and introduced world-leading processes. After years of exploration, our R&D team developed and launched non-hydrogenated whip topping and chocolate in 2016, thanks to strong support from top-tier scientific research forces in the industry, such as Jiangnan University, COFCO, Yihai Kerry, and Mitsubishi Chemical. Instead of a hydrogenation reaction, lipids are processed through physical separation and extraction, which eliminates the generation of trans fatty acids from the source. Following repeated trials, our non-hydrogenated cream range branded Fei Qinghua was marketed in 2018, ushering in a new era in the baking industry – the non-hydrogenation era. The range is more health-conscious, as it contains less calorie, fat and cholesterol than animal cream.
6G Flying Protein Topping: Superior “Light” Protein Contributes to Healthy China
Hi-Road’s 6G Flying Protein Topping is leading the "light" catering trend in the food industry through constant innovation. Flying Protein not only satisfies new-generation consumers’ demand for eye-pleasing, tasty and interesting food, but is also designed to reduce the burden on the body and the earth – in line with future food trends. The Flying Protein series includes: protein sauce with zero fat and cholesterol, and plant-based toppings featuring 0 lactose + premium plant protein (available in three flavors – soy milk, badam, and hazelnut). Hi-Road is committed to becoming a practitioner, promoter and leader in the green development of the bakery sector, working as a role model to provide the industry with a wider range of green and healthy baking ingredients, as well as sustainable baking solutions that are better for the planet.

Corporate Vision

Provide safe, in vogue and tasty food to customers. Become the most excellent partner in the global food industry.

Business Principles

Create value for the customers. Consider career development for the employees. Take social responsibility.

Corporate Spirits

Innovation, Harmony, Modesty, Practicality

Core Value

Keep Promises; Comply with laws and emphasize on performance.

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National High-Tech Enterprise

National High-Tech Enterprise

ACFTU Pioneer Workers

ACFTU Pioneer Workers

State Scientific and Technological Progress Award

State Scientific and Technological Progress Award

Brand Leadership Demonstration Enterprise of Shanghai

Brand Leadership Demonstration Enterprise of Shanghai



With inspiration came from the Chinese soybean milk, in 1945, the low-calorie and low-fat non-dairy topping was created in the US.


In 1992, the non-dairy topping entered the Chinese market.


In 2001, San.Love, a brand of non-dairy topping, was successfully launched,which was wholly developed by a Chinese company.


In 2003, Merrylady dairy-blended topping is marking a big success in the early market in China


In 2005, Hi-road introduced the Hi-Natural wheat flavor non-dairy topping, an innovative product that can withstand a temperature of up to 35℃.


Kryisall fruit jam was released.


The chocolate workshop was put into operation.


Since 2008, Hi-road has used fully hydrogenated oil (FHO) in all non-dairy topping products.


In 2010, Hi-Road launched another innovative Product-U-Jadeo Acid-resistant Non-Dairy topping.


Hi-Road established Shanghai E-Partner Management Consulting Co., Ltd. in 2014. E-Partner Consulting aims to integrate outstanding talents in the industry, provide customers with high value-added serv


In 2016, Hi-Road introduced non-hydrogenated topping and chocolate products based on independent R&D, opening a new chapter in the baking industry. In regard of oil/fat processing, Hi-Road uses physi

Operation of Industry 3.0 Cream Production Line

In 2016, Hi-Road activated the Industry 3.0 full-automatic cream production line, representing a huge investment of the company and its ambition to optimize product quality.

FeiQingHua Series Topping

In 2018, the Non-Hydrogenated FeiQingHua series was launched.

Empowering a healthy China strategy

In2020,Hi-Road has promoted an array of new products including catering cream and jam, baking cream, froze custard and frozen cakes, meeting all the needs of baking and catering customers.

Hi-road Vision

Provide Customers with safe, stylish and tasty food. Be an excellent partner delivering best-in-class products and services to the global bakery market!

Hi-Road is listed

On December 2, 2020, Hi-Road made its IPO and was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market!

6G Flying Protein topping is launched

In 2021, Hi-Road ushered in the first year of the future-oriented 6G cream era, making its contributions to the Healthy China blueprint.

Hi-Road is honored State Scientific and Technological Progress Award

In November 2021, Hi-Road won the second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award from the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.

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