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Dina Chocolate Spread
Dina non-hydrogenated Matcha Chocolate Sauce
Protea non-hydrogenated Chocolate
Dina non-hydrogenated Chocolate
Dina Chocolate
Protea Chocolate
Dina Dark Chocolate Sauce
Dina non-hydrogenated Cobnut Chocolate Sauce
Dina Chocolate Spread
1.2kg x 6pails/carton

·Hazelnut spread is made from imported hazelnut, offering silky mouthfeel and pure, natural hazelnut flavor;

·Strawberry spread offers natural color and a pleasant sweet and sour taste by adding natural strawberry powder;

·Mango spread offers bright color and sweet aftertaste by adding natural mango powder.


Coating and dripping on cakes, cake interlayer, flavoring for cream and custard sauce, flavoring and surface decorating for ice cream, etc.

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